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Men Sexual Arousal
Sexual Response
Sexual response refers to the cycle that involves hormonal and emotional changes when one becomes sexually aroused and get involved in a sexually stimulating activity such as intercourse or masturbation. Once you have clearly understood how your body responds in a sexual cycle, it can enhance your bed issues and improve your relationship. Sexual response consists of four phases which are excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. A healthy person undergoes these phases regardless of gender or age but a number of factors influence the timing. E.g. It is difficult for a couple having sex to reach an orgasm at the same time. However, it can happen at almost near the same time. 
  • Excitement phase: your muscle tension increases while your heart rate shoots up. Blood flow to the reproductive system also rises and your penis becomes erect. Your testicles swell while your scrotum becomes tight.
  • Plateau phase: Your testicles become withdrawn up within the scrotum. Blood pressure and heart rate keep rising as well as the muscle tension.
  • Orgasm phase: this marks the climax of the sexual cycle and is the shortest among all the four phases. There is an involuntary muscle contraction while the breathing rate and heartbeat are at the peak. You finally experience a sudden relief of sexual tension with rhythmic contraction of the penile muscles. This is followed by an ejaculation of semen.
  • Resolution phase: your body finally gradually returns back to normal in all its functions. This phase is marked by an intense feeling of intimacy accompanied with fatigue or exhaustion.

Hormonal Response for Sexual Arousal
Sexual excitement results from anticipation whose outcome is the production of sex hormones in men. The desire to engage in a sexual gratification stems from your mind. It is usually linked to your sex drive or libido. Both physical and psychological factors are responsible for initiating an arousal. On sighting an attractive woman, the levels of “stress hormone” also known as cortisols and adrenaline begins to increase in your system. If you want low sexual stamina and long longer relationship see more detail beta-flo review. Your body then releases dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters. These cause a feeling of pleasure similar to the one of cocaine or amphetamines. You then enter the erotic phase where your brain signals more constriction of veins supplying blood to your genitals. Once your heart beat and breathing rate rise, your brain detects that you are anxious and demands for more release of “arousal hormones”. These arousal hormones only last for a short time and their effect is gone in 10 minutes if you miss a catch. The duration that you get sexually aroused depends on how soon your body breaks down the “arousal hormones” and the sex cues.

Sexual Arousal Disorder
Sexual arousal disorder refers to a condition where a man is unable to achieve and maintain an erection to actively engage in a sexual intercourse. It prevents the feeling of sexual satisfaction in either one or both partners in a couple. Initially, the condition was termed as impotence in males and frigidity in their female counterparts. The condition can seem as an aversion to sexual contact in a couple. According to statistics, about 50% of the adult American population report occasional sexual arousal disorder but the trend increases with age. Sexual arousal disorder is categorized into two main groups namely primary and secondary. In primary, a man has never had an erection that can sustain a sexual intercourse. In secondary, you suffer from this condition after a period of being active sexually. The latter is commonly gradual unless in cases where it emanates from injury, sickness or trauma. The most common causes of sexual arousal disorder can either be psychological or emotional. Psychological causes include conflicts in a relationship, lack of trust between partners, guilt, fear, depression, or sexual trauma. Some of the physical causes are injury to the penis, drugs, excessive alcoholism, underlying medical condition, or psychotherapeutic drugs.

Treatment for Sexual Arousal Disorder
After diagnosis, your doctor may recommend a number of techniques based on his/her findings as to the possible cause. He will first carry out a complete physical examination and request a personal history about your sexual experiences. If the cause is reversible, you may be put under medications or through surgery. Your doctor may recommend the use of mechanical aides or conduct a physical therapy. You may be put under Viagra which increases the blood flow to your penis. However, you should not use Viagra if you have a history of coronary heart disease. For such men, use of mechanical aides or Zialipro is highly recommended. Mechanical aides involve the use of pumps to draw and retain blood to your penis. Caution should however be taken since some can be potentially injurious. If you have androgen deficiency as the main cause of sexual arousal disorder, you may be required to attend a number of sessions for its replacement via injections (Hormonal Replacement Therapy).

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