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Delay Spray for Men: Does it Stop Premature Ejaculation
Having a problem with premature ejaculation? Then you are not alone, one third of men experience premature ejaculation. On a normal basis, an average man takes 4 minutes to ejaculate. If your climax takes less than a minute, then you have a big reason to read on.

To answer the question whether Delay Spray delays premature ejaculation should be your major enquiry. Delay Spray for men has been in the market for the last 10 years, and it continues to trend. Men with normal ejaculation also use these sprays to boost their stamina and make their partners happier in bed.

How does it stop premature ejaculation? 
There are hundreds of delay sprays in the market. They all work by a numbing effect from the anesthetic. This makes you feel little stimulation delaying ejaculation for some time. A research showed that men who had less than a minute premature ejaculation had significant improvement of the onset of ejaculation of up to about 4 minutes.

Delay spray work by immediately avoiding premature ejaculation. Apply it 5 minutes before you have sex. You can easily use and apply it. Other sprays do not require that you wear a condom as they do not affect your partner. This will be the best solution for one time few times impressions. This method can do you wonders for some minutes, but it is not the last resort. To pick the right products, you have to consult with a professional. We all have different reactions and sensitivities when it comes to sex.

How long does the prolonged ejaculation last? 
The prolonged ejaculation just lasts until after sex. It is by no means a permanent solution. It should not be your end solution as there are many other safer, inexpensive and moreover permanent solutions. Resorting for delay sprays every time will involve buying a lot thus expensive. Serious premature ejaculation is a long-term condition and needs a permanent solution, which involves seeking help from a health care professional. Will you be sneaking into the bathroom all the time to apply the spray? Of course, you need something worthwhile. 

The pleasures involved 
Delay sprays work very well by delaying your premature ejaculation. How will you get maximum pleasures when you fell numbed? This can take away your sexual drive. I am not by any means implying that delay sprays are bad but try to think about it. What if it irritates your partner? This can be a sensitive matter. Some products can be good and offer you all the pleasures you desire, reaching the climax after a while without disappointing her. Giving you the confidence you need in bed. But it is meant just from time to time.

The downsides involved 
Will it help you to have confidence always if that’s the problem? They delay spray was designed just for once in a while use. But if you decide to make it your final solution you can be disappointed. It can affect you mood for sex imagine applying it always and how messy it can be. If condom doesn’t make it good for you trust me, you will have to use it. Some delay sprays might get your partner numb if you insert without a condom. You can imagine how that can be. Your partner will have to wait every time you apply the spray this can be a big turnoff. When it comes to health effects, it can be any time and can come bundled with many other problems. 

Why the delay spray is not a perfect solution for premature ejaculation? 
It is not all about the negativity, but it is not a long-term solution. Men with premature ejaculation are not satisfied with their sex life. Moreover, the partners can get tired of the quick orgasms. It just means not enough pleasure. Just like your relationship, the solution for your problem has to be permanent. If you do not mind the delay, spray offering short-term solutions you can continue using it. Premature ejaculation can be embarrassing and frustrating. Simple solutions include the drugs for delaying the orgasm like the delay spray. You can always choose to carry forward your problems in bed by making simple solution your last resort or ending it with a long-term solution. 

You can resort for delay spray just for a few times. But you need a long-lasting solution. You could be making things get worse down there with the spray. A doctor will always give you advice depending on your condition and recommend solutions that suit you. It is always advisable to opt for other long-term solutions which are easier, cheaper and does not cause any effects during sex. Such solutions include exercises like stretching and massaging. Instead of investing much of your time and money on a short-term solution why not go for a long-term solution.


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