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Top 9 Mistakes Made By Men: Are They Making Them Genuinely?
It is difficult to understand the opposite sex. There are many ways in which both sexes can be similar, but there are also many differences and some of these differences result in an inability to communicate and resolve issues in a relationship. It is hard for men to understand the complex emotions women and sometimes they make mistakes. They say the wrong things and handle the situation in a way that only creates more conflict. However, sometimes things get blown out of proportion when we think that they are making these mistakes on purpose. Keep reading to understand what the top nine mistakes that men make and whether or not they are doing them to get on your nerves, or whether they are just that clueless.

1. Ignoring you
Being ignored is not a nice feeling. It makes a women feel like she is unwanted, insignificant, and underappreciated. Sometimes men just tune women out. They phase out into another universe when you are telling a story or relaying the events of your day. This isn’t usually something that a man does on purpose. When it comes to stories that require a large amount of detail men just inherently stop paying attention at a certain point. Not because they don’t care, but because they prefer to keep stories short and sweet. However, if you are trying to talk to a man while he is watching television or playing video games, then there’s a good chance that he is tuning you out on purpose. 

2. Not meeting your needs in bed 
There are many mistakes men make in bed. They may not help you achieve an orgasm during sex, they may not be connected to you during sex, or they might leave the room directly after sex without cuddling. Honestly, most of the mistakes that men make in bed are not on purpose. People find it incredibly awkward to tell their partner when they aren’t satisfied in bed. Which is why he may have acquired many habits over time that he doesn’t realize are not pleasing for a woman.

3. Interacting with other women on social media 
These days, almost everyone is plugged into social media. If a man isn’t careful, he can ruin a relationship with social media. Following other women on social media isn’t a problem but constantly liking another woman’s photos or sending them direct messages is inappropriate, especially if the content is provocative. Men are aware of this inappropriate behavior which is why establishing boundaries with social media is a good idea. 

4. Not taking your problems seriously 
When you tell your significant other your problems, you want them to comfort you, provide support, and help find solutions. Sometimes they won’t take your problems seriously and it isn’t usually on purpose. You may not have explained the gravity of the situation or they may not see it as a real problem until you fully stress how important the situation is. 

5. Being messy No one likes a slob. 
If your partner is being messy, it may be because he isn’t used to sharing a space with someone else and likely doesn’t realize how annoying it is. 

6. Not introducing you as a significant other 
If your husband or boyfriend doesn’t introduce you as his significant other, it may be that he assumes that other people will assume that you are in a relationship with him or maybe he just didn’t think about it at all. Instead of taking it as an insult just let him know. 

7. Not checking in when they are out 
If your man goes radio silent for an entire night or a couple of days, he could be avoiding you or cheating. But, he may just be busy. If he has a lot going on at work he may just forget to call you and update you. Or he may be out with his friends and is just present in the moment and doesn’t pick up his phone. 

8. Forgetting your birthday or anniversary 
Some people are just bad with dates. If he forgets your birthday or anniversary don’t hold it against him. This isn’t something that people do on purpose but keeping all of the birthdays and anniversaries of the people that you love straight can be a trying task.

9. Letting the romance die 
When you get comfortable with another person, it can be easy to get stuck in a routine and let all of the romance and excitement that you had together at the beginning of the relationship fade away. This isn’t something that men do because they don’t find you beautiful or special anymore, he may just forget to do those things that make you feel special as your relationship goes on. 

In conclusion 
Communication is key, but so is understanding how the opposite sex thinks. Before you get upset at your man, try to determine whether or not what he did to upset you was on purpose or an honest mistake. rite


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