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10 Benefits from Pelvic Floor Exercises
Male sexual dysfunction is a problem affecting a significant percentage of men, especially the older ones. This problem is talked about in hushed tones as most men are not comfortable addressing the issue that is. This is because it goes on to affect their self-esteem and ego. The problem of male sexual dysfunction is however one that a lot of people can recover from with various lifestyle changes. One of the best ways to turnaround erectile dysfunction is to engage in exercise and what better exercise to engage in other than pelvic exercises? The best pelvic exercise is what is referred to as Kegel exercises. 
Most guys who have ever tried kegel exercises have done it as a way of ejaculation control, allowing them to last longer when engaging in sex. Well, most people may not know this, but the same exercises have been shown to offer great benefits to people with erectile dysfunction. To get the best value from kegel exercises, it is important to understand how to perform the exercises the right way. Most guys do the kegel exercises wrong and that is why their benefits are not seen. 

The main reason why these are recommended as erectile dysfunction exercises is that they help men get stronger erections which are harder, improve incontinence challenges, help the man get better orgasms as well as ejaculate better and also help men to last longer as well. If these kegel exercises are as good as is said, just how should they be done? 

One of the benefits of these exercises is they help counter erectile dysfunction. This is done through training the pubococcygeous and the bulbocavernosus muscles which help one in being able to hold back from ejaculation. This erectile dysfunction exercise should be done by holding the manhood as one comes to the point of climax. The two muscles when adequately exercised are able to help a man hold on to ejaculate. This is the best exercise for people whose main erectile dysfunction is premature ejaculation. In practicing the aforementioned two muscles, one is able to rest during sex, change positions and enjoy sex better as the orgasm can be delayed. This leads to a more satisfying sex life as well.  
The benefit of these exercises is allowing one relax the pelvic floor. One challenge that most people with erectile dysfunction face and who perform kegels with little or no success is exercising the wrong muscles. It is very important to understand which muscle ought to be exercised for the benefits to be achieved. When doing kegels during sex, the man will orgasm faster as opposed to having a delayed orgasm. Most men assume that the erectile dysfunction exercises they do should not be used during normal sex but just before they are about to orgasm. All along during sex, pelvic muscles would at most be relaxed as contracting them initiates orgasm and thus premature ejaculation. Relaxation of pelvic muscles is key in preventing erectile dysfunction. Contracting the muscles should only come in handy as the last line of defense, when no other option is left. To relax the pelvic floor, a reverse of kegel exercises should be done.

These exercises also help improve erection size. This is because regular erectile dysfunction exercises help more blood flow to the manhood, making it stronger and longer in time. It also means this area is well nourished. Research has also shown that there is increased size as a result of the kegels or pelvic floor exercises. This is one great benefit for men whose erection fade as they try to wear a condom. 

What’s an ejaculation if it does not come out with force? This is one of the benefits of erectile dysfunction exercises as ones ejaculate out with force when they ‘come.’ Further, there is increased volume of the ejaculate, making it way more satisfying sex. 

Ensuring the pelvic floor muscles are strong has also been shown to be of great help as it helps one enjoy better orgasms than before the exercises. In most men who have strengthened their pelvic floor exercises, there has been great progress which has been shown with regards to a person enjoying multiple orgasms. 

Men who have erectile dysfunction problems which are manifested by dribbling and leakage of urine especially after bathroom breaks can contain this problem through pelvic floor exercises. The same muscles that the pelvic floor muscles exercise are the same muscles used when one is trying to hold on to urine. This can lead to more confident men who are well aware of their surroundings and confident of being in their own skin. 


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