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5 Surprising Exercises That Promote Male Enhancement
Overview For many years different drugs and remedies have been developed and suggested to enhance or increase the male member. For most people, a better sex life is determined by the size. This is why doctors have come up with ways to increase the size which include surgery and pills. However, these come at a high cost and if done wrongly have huge repercussions. This has forced most people to look for easier cost effective ways of enhancement. Exercise has been recommended as a solution for many problems from obesity, stroke to more complicated health cases. In addition, experts also recommend different types of easy exercises for enhancement of the penis. 

These exercises also increase blood flow and increases testosterone levels. When these exercises are performed regularly and consistently, they will increase your penis both in length and girth. Some of these exercises include: 

1. Basic Stretching 
Exercise It’s called this because it’s easy to perform. The first step is to put your fingers directly under the penis then make an okay sign. Now stretch it away from the body for ten seconds in different positions then release it. This exercise is considered effective if it is done for five minutes. One can also place the other hand under the penis to create a down ward force and in so doing more stress is put on the tissues causing them to enlarge after some time. This exercise is considered effective and accessible since it does not involve equipment of any sort or money. 

2. Wet Jelq 
This exercise is performed to increase the thickness of the penis. First apply a little lubricant to the base of the penis. With one hand then stretch from the base to the top. This exercise is supposed to be performed on a partially erect penis. By moving the hand from the base to the top blood is moved from the base to the top and over a certain period of time, changes to the width of the penis are noticed 

3. The Spinning Method 
This method is based on the stretching exercise. This happens when the penis is pulled away from the body and also twirled in a circular motion. This exercise ensures that different tissues are allowed to stretch and hence it promotes enhancement lengthwise and width wise 

4. Pelvic Exercises 
The pelvic floor contains muscle known as the pc muscle or pubococcygeus muscle. It covers the pubic bone and makes the base of the pelvic floor. Most men tend to ignore these muscles and over time they weaken. This muscles when strong increase ejaculatory control, erectile strength and make climaxes and orgasms more intense, to strengthen the pelvic floor quick pulses are the basic step and then one can move to ten or five second holds, this has been described as being the equivalent of having a six pack in ones pants. This exercise has been proven to increase the size of the penis lengthwise. These exercises are also natural ways to increase male stamina in bed. These exercises when combined with yoga yield the best result as they increase flexibility and make the muscles elongate. Experts describe them as natural male enhancement supplements because of how efficient they are. 

5. Kegel Exercises 
These exercises were previously used to treat urinary conditions. However experts have begun to associate them with male enhancement. They contract the pelvic floor muscles. When a man squeezes and holds these muscles then blood flow to the penis is increased. According to experts this technique works the same as weightlifting. When these exercises are performed, then the muscles harden and enlarge. This exercise is supposed to be done over long periods of time so that results are seen. Over time men can notice an increase in the size of their erection and hence kegel exercises can be termed as a natural male enhancement exercise. 

Sexual performance is not determined by the level of attraction that couples have for each other only. In order for this experience to be truly good, then a lot of factors have to come into play especially on the man’s side. Apart from exercises mentioned above, doctors also recommend enough sleep. When asleep the body produces very high levels of testosterone which come in handy during sex. Through sleep men also get rid of muscular tension which will cause premature ejaculation as explained earlier. To get rid of tension men are also encouraged to take up yoga. Previously yoga was considered a women’s exercise but it is not. This is because it not only reduces levels of stress and tension in the body but also encourages flexibility hence natural ways to increase stamina in bed. Improving male enhancement also means that the participants must be consistent in their workouts if they want to see good results.


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