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Costly Mistakes That Men Make in Bed Which Irritates Women Like Mad
Everyone can make mistakes it is very normal. But the issue comes to how often you make those mistakes and also when you make them with your consent. Compared to other mistakes, bed mistakes are very sensitive to your intimacy and partner. A times, messing up can be inevitable especially if it is something you cannot change. For a man to fully satisfy their woman, they should learn things that get them irritated or mad. Women are different and they need specific needs. Here are some of the costly mistakes men make in bad: 

1. Rushed foreplay 
It is not all about sexual intercourse. Women need to me stroked, pounced and kissed passionately all over rushing for what you want will just put her off. Be passionate with the foreplay let it come naturally. 

2. Going silent 
This is one of the big mistakes men make in bed. Going silent will keep her uncomfortable and wondering. She needs to hear you make some moans. Show her that you are getting it right. Otherwise, going silent might cut her drive for sex. Making some sounds even telling her you are feeling good or asking her if she is fulfilled is part of sex. 

3. Unpreparedness 
Being a man you always have to be good looking, clean and well groomed. This shows her the real you and she will like it. But the mistakes come in when you go to bed smelling all bad. She might even want to give you some oral sex but fails for your poor grooming. Make sure your nails are well trimmed not to hurt her. This can be a big turnoff and a disappointment. 

4. Not giving back the intimacy favors 
This is same as doing a favor for someone continuously without them realizing they need to make some efforts too. When she gives you the special treat of the oral sex, give her something in return. She also needs some treats. Do not be so into your own interests. 

5. Concluding her satisfaction 
When you are satisfied, it doesn’t mean she is. That is very selfish you should try to make her satisfied too. 

6. Low stamina 
This is can be rated as more of a problem than a mistake. But the mistakes men make in bed comes in when the man does nothing about it. You cannot comfortably do with it that will be very irritating to your partner. There are many ways to improve your stamina. One of the safest and easiest is the male enhancement exercises. Do it for you and your partner. 

7. Assuming that what satisfies other women works for her 
Women are different and so are their sexual desires. Do not import other women interests to use them on her. Pay some attention to her desires learn what she likes and use them to fulfill her needs. But if you find it difficult to know what she needs then ask her it will be way easier. 

8. Inadequacy of the kisses 
This can make her really mad at you. In fact, the whole thing won’t be interesting and will be a waste of time. Women need to be kissed, show her that she is sexy and beautiful. Kisses spice up the romance; it shows her you care. By kissing her, you give her some attention which most women adore. 

9. Waiting for the woman to please them
Making someone fulfill your fantasies is a bit unreasonable that will be making her a mistress, give her some respect. This can result from the influence of many sex movies. Remember that women also have sexual fantasies it is two-way traffic. If she voluntarily leads the way by bringing in more new styles, try on your side to do the same do not impose her to. 

10. Not paying attention to some parts of her body 
It is all about concentrating on her whole body. Men find it easier to reach their areas of interest. This can’t be she also needs some passionate treatment to her erogenous parts of the body. Take your time to explore, discover the parts she feels it hot and give her some treat. Surprise her by concentrating on her erogenous parts. These parts are mostly the neck, feet, buttocks, her shoulders, the genitals and the back. This will keep up her spirit to give you some awesome treat. 

Men should learn from their mistakes and the possible ones made by others so that they can make due corrections. Sex is a form of intimacy that requires both the corporation of both parties. Failing to make efforts on your side will affect both your satisfaction and that of your partner.


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