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Tips for Older Men to Maintain Their Sexual Health
Sex is an important tool that can be used to ensure better health even in the old age. Unfortunately, many people no longer enjoy sex once they get to their advanced age. They start facing challenges of quality sex in the early fifties. Many people will then go ahead to link the little urge for sex with aging and health related problems. However, if you stay healthy, with reduced stress, an open mind, and understanding, you can enjoy sex even in the old and advanced age. Intimacy does not have an age limit. You can and should enjoy sex up to late years in your life. It should be a natural process and should even get better with age. Unfortunately, this does not happen in most people and stress is a significant hindering factor to quality sex. Let us look at some tips that could help you enjoy and maintain a healthy sex life even in old age. 

Accept and celebrate your age 
In old age, sex may not be fun and enjoyable as when you were youths. However, it doesn’t have to be a horrible thing in your old years. In fact, you have gained a lot of experience with time, and this should help you enjoy having quality sex with your partner. However, this will start with embracing the fact that you are old and with reduced energy. This way you will not expect your body to perform as you used to in your youth. Instead, you can concentrate on the things that you have learned with time. Focus on things that make sex intimate but with less demand for your energy. In old age, you know a lot about your partner and yourself. You know what works for both of you. You have learnt and complement each other in better ways than when you started dating as youths. This is the perfect time to do the things that your partner finds thrilling. This way you will add some warmth to your bedroom. Importantly, you do not have to slow down what you did while you were youthful. If your sex life was active, make sure that you continue with active sex life even when of age.
Communicate with your partner 
As age sets in, it will be difficult to do some things you did in the youth. Sexual urge may be reduced because of some worries about life. However, you can increase your urge for sex by being playful and communicating with your partner. You can talk about the fears and desires you have about sex. This will keep both of you thrilling and will find yourself jumping into bed even in the advanced years. This may not come quickly but will work wonders in improving men's sexual health. If it is hard picking up a conversation about sex, try doing some activities together. This will bring two of you close, and a bond will be created. Again you can try some suggestive moves while in the middle of your tasks. This will ease any tension between you two and open a window to chat about sex. However, you need, to be honest with your partner. Remember that you are both of age and probably know each other better. It is, therefore, easy for your partner to detect when you are not open and ruin the whole moment. Again, remember that sex is not a taboo. Of course, it cannot be a taboo just because you are old. Talk about it freely and you will enjoy. 

Focus on intimacy
In the old age, you are not angry about sex. You have to redefine it from the thing you had when you were in the twenties. At this stage, you need to have intimacy and some physical touch. The pleasure of sex in old age is to feel the closeness. Therefore, take your time with your partner. Talk about issues before you make the move. However, be keen to avoid pressing issues that may increase pressure and lead to stress. This may turn both of your off. Again remember that you do not have much energy and may not be able to handle both the pressure and sex. Stress and pressure are the leading causes of lost libido in old age. However, you can count on the experience you have had with time. Be open and do not shy away from talking about your sexual life. At times, you will be astonished at how much your partner may be willing to respond. Lastly, it is important to relax. This will increase your confidence and help to you achieve better and quality sex in old age. 

Now that you appreciate your age, you can manage to enjoy sex without the need of much energy that is not available like when you were a youth. However, you can focus on taking some foods that help you to increase your energy and have better quality sex in old age.


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