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Delayed Ejacuation: Facts, causes and Treatment
According to the sufferers of this condition, it is as frustrating as ejaculating prematurely. However, most men will not talk about the issue. Instead, they keep silent about it. At the same time, in comparison to the issues of premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation is different in some ways. However, some may confuse it to be one and the same. Still, most of us have never heard of the problem. They only know about premature ejaculation. Following research, the issue is suffered by almost 8% of the American men. Premature ejaculation is used to refer to the problem of ejaculating in 3 minutes after the penetration. On the other hand, delayed ejaculation may not have a set limit of time. However, if it is difficult to attain an orgasm in 20 minutes of penetration then it is likely you have the problem of delayed ejaculation. Unfortunately, only a few people talk about this issue. However, it is serious and has devastating impacts and effects for the sufferers. It majorly results from low levels of the hormone testosterone. However, it has other causes. 

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?
Premature ejaculation may not be a simple process as many will assume. Notably, it involves the action of many organs and some of the muscles. First, it requires the involvement of the brain. Secondly, the pelvic muscles and the nerves get involved. Notably, it is somehow complicated. The coordination of all these parts and the communication is of the essence during the ejaculation process. The message comes from the brain and is sent by the nerves to the muscles. The muscles on receiving the message on the need to release the semen, they contact in response. Sometimes, however, the communication fails, especially if the nerves do not function properly. In other words, message translation can be difficult, and the meaning of the message on the need for the muscles to contract for the release of the semen may be lost. Consequently, the cause may be due to diseases or illnesses, or at times ageing. Some drugs too can be the cause of delayed ejaculation. It happens mainly for men who use medications that have effects on the nervous system. Ejaculation response can also be delayed by other issues, including antidepressants and muscle relaxers. The issue of the delay in ejaculation can affect the individuals with low testosterone levels mostly. Apparently, the higher the level of the hormone, the less one is likely to suffer. There is also an association between delayed ejaculation and psychological issues. Issues including stress and anxiety can increase the likelihood of experiencing the problem. Sexual issues like shame, the fear of under performing and quarrels or fights are also factors that increase the risk of delayed ejaculation. 

Effects People suffering from premature ejaculation think that endless sex is the best thing in life. However, people with delayed ejaculation will tell you how exhausting it can be. It is also an issue that results to mental draining and tiredness. At the same time, it results in anxiety and sometimes stress. In the end, it becomes frustrating for the man and their partners. Reportedly, some have difficulty attaining orgasms.

Men with the issue need to seek for help and the opinion of the urologist for the best treatment. Choose one who has the experience and the knowledge of sexual medicine or Men’s sexual health. The professional is capable of providing the best medication and the best care to deal with the issue and have it diminished. It is vital that one considers this before trying to self -medicate as this could worsen the issue. Although talking about the issues may seem and appear weird and awkward, one should prepare for the discussion if one is to deal with the issue. The doctor or specialist can also make a determination of the cause of the problem and advice on best methods or techniques best to counter the problem. Despite the availability of drugs in the local stores, avoid the purchase without first consulting a specialist. During therapy sessions answer all questions right and frankly, skipping some points and hiding other problems may delay correction of the problem. Stick to the meds prescribed and take the drugs per prescriptions. Most doctors will provide antidepressants for stress relief. Hormone therapy is an option for individuals with low testosterone hormone levels. Advice is also available on how to reduce anxiety before or during sex to avoid delayed ejaculation. 

In a nutshell, the issue can be embarrassing and frustrating for the sufferers. It can result from stress, anxiety and the use of some medication. The effects and result of the problem include low levels of testosterone, tiredness, anxiety and stress as well as mental drain. The best way for the treatment of the condition is taking prescriptions from a doctor. Self- medicating is also wrong. Doctors can help you find the cause of the problem and also make a determination of how best you can deal with it and go back to healthy and enjoyable sex.


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