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Do BMI and Height Affect the Number of Your Sexual Partners?
Physical attraction is one of the major parts about dating and enjoying sexual experiences with your new catch. In as much as we feel that it goes to effort only on the number of people we are attracted to and the number we end up scoring, have you ever considered that there could be other factors at play other than your smooth language and sleek approach to the ladies? Well, a group of scientists had the hypothesis that there is more at stake than what you may think and thus wanted to try out some logic.

Researchers from Clemson University had the hypothesis that BMI and height could be the reason as to why some people tend to have higher numbers of sexual partners as opposed to the average group. They thus designed an experiment to find out if there was anything between Body weight and height that could be related to men’s sexual health and the number of partners one had.

For the purpose of the study, over 60,000 heterosexual men were interviewed. As part of the interview questions, the men were supposed to give their height as well as weight and the sex partners that they had had in their lives. Following this, the participant’s responses were grouped into six categories. The categories included very short people who range at about 5 foot 2” or less to extremely tall which was shown as people of 6 feet tall or more. Within these ranges, BMI was also factored in as per the CDC guidelines. These weight groups were grouped from morbidly obese to underweight, in a scale running in the BMI scale from 18.5 to over 40.

One of the important things to note is that the study found out that with regards to men’s sexual health, tall men seemed to carry the day as the stereotype has been over the years. These men were said to be the most attractive to women. On average, short men reported the lowest number of sexual partners. This went with the stereotype that height is the most considered issues when it comes to looking for a sexual partner. There was little variation on average height people with regard to sexual partners. According to lead researcher, Dr. David Fredrick, it goes on to prove what women have been reporting in time. That man tend to be more attractive to women if they are slightly taller than themselves. According to Dr. Fredrick most women will have set a certain minimal threshold on the person they will consider as a potential sex partner. This tends to show that men above the minimum threshold set will ordinarily have higher number of sex partners. It is for this reason that height is said to be one of the causes of sexual problems among shorter men as they feel as if their ego has been trumped up on.

As regards BMI, most men falling within normal to overweight had higher number of partners as opposed to women who reported that they had been underweight or were obese. One of the things that was noted of Men’s sexual health is that overweight men had the highest number of sexual partners as opposed to any other group. An overweight BMI did not necessarily translate into an overweight person. This group is what has been described as athletic, muscular and powerful men in previous studies.

One of the items to note with regards to this study is that it was self reported and thus there might have been instances where participants exaggerated or understated the true number of sexual partners they had. It is especially so for people who has experienced the causes of sexual problems and thus would tend to overstate the number of partners in a bid to cover up for their ego. Further, the study only used one factor alone as a measure or rough indicator of what sexual partners looked for. There ought to be other factors that played part in one knowing whether or not they were indeed in the game. One thing to note is that the study gives a sneak peek that height and BMI might just be what one needs to make it to their dream partner. With that, most men can get along with their lives as thy can rest assured that their height or lack thereof is an appealing factor.

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